dreams of a retired racer

Kennel visits and adoptions are done after the application is completed and the home visit, interview and/or reference checks are all completed. Please remember the kennel is on private property and an appointment will be scheduled for you to visit. 

Please read our information pages about the breed and things to think about before being owned by one.

When visiting keep in mind that the Kennel Manager and the Adoption Coordinators will help select the dog for you. Even though a picture captures your eye, that dog may not be suitable for your lifestyle.

Dune - Brindle - Female

Mike - Red - Male
Esmeralda - Black - Female

Memphis - Black - Female

Blaze - White and Black - Male Bruno - fawn - Male
Cold - White with Brindle - Female

Dave - Brindle - Male
Engine - Black - Male

Kyler - white with ticked brindle - Male
Mahem - White and Red - Male Marchesi - Red Fawn - Female
Oakley - Brindle - Female Smoothie - Brindle - Male