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ASTRO IS HOME!  A family came along looking for an active dog that would enjoy many walks with them ... within moments of meeting they were all smitten with each other - it was wonderful to see!


Astro is a joy of a dog, he is good with the children he's met, eager to please and very friendly!  He's 66lbs, so not a large Greyhound. His perky ears and curly tail are outward signs of his fun character!  He may be small animal/cat safe but will most like need work to be so.

Astro definitely defies the typical calm and near inactive attitude of most Greyhounds - he is a dog for a family that LOVES to be active. There's just no other way to describe it;  Astro is SPROINGY!!  He can go from a standstill to all four feet off the ground straight UP high enough that he can do a quick peek over the top of the six foot high turn-out area fence!  One of the few Greyhounds that would probably excel at agility, just like he excelled at racing, an active home would be a must for Astro, and obedience and/or agility training for him would be highly recommended!

This is not to say that Astro cannot settle down - as enthusiastic as he is he calms right down as soon as you lay a loving hand on him.  He knows that petting means love and he will lean into your side and stay there as long as you are even just touching him - he is truly a joy!

  • Registered Name: Flying Linden
  • Sex: Male
  • Adopted on: Oct 17th, 2009
  • Color: Dark Brindle
  • Right ear tattoo: 54D
  • Left ear tattoo: 26616
  • Birthday: May 23rd, 2004
  • Arrived at NGA: Mar 22nd, 2009

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